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Matt Pearlstone’s Facebook Profile

Posted in Alcohol, Crime by Cornell Blog Admin on April 2nd, 2006.

If you haven’t been following the Matthew Pearlstone story, here are a few article to bring you up to speed:

His facebook profile is then of particular interest to those interested in his untimely alcohol-related death. Here is a jpg image of it, which you can click to see a higher-resolution view:


As you may note, most of the entries on his wall are from after news of his death was released to his friends. Here are some selected older wall comments:

  • Siddharth Bal says, “It’s all about whiskey and rye!”
  • Joe Thomas says, “hey super gay, you better give me a call over spring break so we can drink. if you’re too gay thats cool, though.”
  • Paul Kiehl says, “That’s not how you take your shoes off at night! Michael must have taken them off for you because you were passed out!”
  • Jason Verma says, “A toast to the greatest bartender the world will ever see… you’re crazy man :-p”
  • Katherine Collins says, “happy bday pstone..hope college is going well and you are drinking yourself to death”
  • Michael Gabel says, “why do i have a sneaking suspicion that this is the last night that pearlstone will be alive…”
  • Yas Dagli says, “pearlstone is single…and he knows his hydration”
  • Daniel Kordenbrock says, “Yo pearlstone you remember what happened last week at all? i was curious to see if you survived”
  • Jason Simon says, “pstone, im not talking about me, kordenbrock is ripping on you about how he beat you in 2 drinking competitions, he said you were a pussy.”
  • Elizabeth Salozzo says, “P-Stone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my little are you. i miss!! we better chill on thanksgiving break! luv yas”
  • Dalton Huck says, “Pearlstone, i miss ur weird crazy ass..have fun, but don’t kill urself…u’ve had 2 close encounters…3 strikes ur out buddy..hahah seeay”
  • Jaydev Mahadevan says, “P-stone – looking forward to an encounter between yo crunk ass and one of the two gorges that surround campus….I kid, I kid. But seriously, if it happens, dont hate on me for laughing.”

As you can see, much of his wall is concerned with alcohol, parties, and drinking–an online testament to his offline behavior.

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29 Responses to “Matt Pearlstone’s Facebook Profile”

  1. there’s a reason the facebook got taken down. it’s because multiple members of his family requested that it be removed. how dare you undermine my family’s wishes by posting his facebook page on your web site. matt was cousin, and we were practically raised together, and he does not deserve this, nor does my family. dealing with his death has been hard enough. neither my family nor myself need to have an idiot like you posting **** about matt, whether it be his message board posts, or your opinion on how he lived his life or whatever else you feel you need to use to get hits on your ******* blog. let my cousin rest in peace. he made a mistake, and unfortunately that mistake cost him his life. how can you live with yourself by using this tragedy to gain notoriety? yea, we all know matt had a problem. we don’t need to you to highlight and remind us of it. did you know matt? were you one of friends? who the **** are you to judge him the way you have? my cousin was a genius, and a great person. a far better person than you are proving yourself to be. you may have the legal right to post all of the things you have, but it is morally reprehensible, and i am disgusted with it and you. my dad, matt’s uncle, brought this page to my attention. i sincerely hope that matt’s parents do not come accross this page, because i do not want to even imagine the devastation it would cause them. they knew matt had a problem, they don’t need to be reminded of it, and they sure as **** don’t need to see some ******* posting his bullshit opinions and judgements of matt in a public forum. i sincerely hope you make the right decision and remove all of the things on your page related to matt’s death. let my family be, and let matt rest in peace.

  2. J Smith says:

    This blog is getting out of hand. I agree completely, the posting of this profile is completely inappropriate. And the previous post linking his death to cocaine is equally repulsive.

  3. Jim Stanley says:

    Who are you? Did you know Matt? If so, this is a rather strange way of honoring his memory. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you didn’t know him, so that leads me to my next question: why are you so obsessed with the tragic loss of a brilliant young man? It seems to me that you’re taking your own morbid curiosity to an offensive extreme with all these postings. And frankly, I find it totally despicable.

    Matt certainly had a drinking problem, and it’s important to raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol abuse. But what you’ve been doing with your blog has gone far beyond that – you’ve been judgemental and incredibly invasive. Your “Matt Pearlstone Speaks” was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. You really ought to be ashamed of yourself. Do you have nothing better to do with your time? And this posting which reproduces his facebook (which was taken down for a reason) and highlights certain quotes is also in extremely poor taste.

    Perhaps you didn’t know, but Matt had a family and friends who cared about him. I don’t know what your agenda is, but if you were trying to be grossly offensive and reveal yourself as an insensitive prick, then congratulations, you’ve succeeded admirably. However, if you’re trying to raise awareness about what a tragedy this was, perhaps you could start by creating a post which lists and discusses Matt’s intelligence, accomplishments, and the lives he touched. I’d be more than happy to help start that list and put you in contact with others who could better complete it. And since you seem obsessed with the nature of his death, maybe you could identify some resources that would be helpful for people suffering from alcoholism instead of just making smug, hypercritical remarks. That would be both relevant and, if done correctly, in good taste. Perhaps take a look at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s recent article on the subject. Somehow, though, it doesn’t seem likely that you’ll do any of these things.

    You’re an idiot,
    Jim Stanley

  4. Elliott Back says:

    Without bringing myself to the intellectual level of the personal attack, let me warn you: if you want to remember Matthew Pearlstone in the soft light of revisionism, this is not the news media for you. If you are interested in probing deeply into the problems that haunted him, then perhaps this offers something of primary source and fact for you.

  5. eeps says:

    True, I’ve never met Pearlstone, but to me that seems irrelevant. A blood relation in no way implies your authority to control or limit the distribution of information on Pearlstone that was otherwise freely available. The facebook was setup and administered by Pearlstone himself. His comments left on collegeconfidential were those he wrote and posted. To say that this information cannot be displayed or revealed is entirely unfounded.

    I understand that family members of Pearlstone all care for him and would like to honor and pay respects to his recent, tragic passing. Still, that doesn’t permit you to suppress what legitimately happened. Lists and discussions on Matt’s “intelligence, accomplishments, and the lives he touched” are irrelevant to what caused his death. He died by being an irresponsible drinker and abusing alcohol.

    If anything, Back’s recent entries have taught us a valuable lesson; he’s revealed the severity of Pearlstone’s otherwise normal, college behavior. The subtleties in his posts, his attitude towards alcohol, his insistence that he could control himself, are all illuminating. Just ask yourself, the next time someone insists that they’re responsible and that they can handle themselves, will you still lend your trust as faithfully as before?

    To the family of Matt Pearlstone, we grieve with you, but it’s important to set your family pride aside and let this information play itself out so that we can learn and better recognize indications of danger and possibly prevent future occurances.

  6. i agree with you in that the information regarding matt’s death should be out there and people should know what happened. however it is one thing to use matt’s story as a cautionary tale, and another to do what the author of this blog has done. this author has taken the situation and done something totally insensitive and inappropriate. i am willing to look at the situation objectively, from a perspective of someone who was not a blood relative, and yes, there is an important lesson to be learned from all of this that should be made known: even someone as brilliant and talented as matt is not immune to making a fatal mistake with something as seemingly harmless as drinking with friends. but parading up unfounded rumors about cocaine use, and posting up one’s own petty judgements on matt’s character is total bullshit.

    i also agree with you, eeps, that the facebook profile and message board posts were public, and posted by matt. but for the author of this blog to take comments made on those forums and use them againsnt the deceased in a fashion that makes matt look like a total drunkard fool is just plain ignorant. he did not know matt, and he is building a character profile out of a few message board post. he is giving off a horrible impression of matt to people who did not know him. the author did not even know matt outside of the message board posts and facebook comments he has reproduced on this site. he is in no position to criticize or judge matt on any level. what elliott back has done is wrong. it may have started out with good intentions, but it has gotten way out of control. this site has turned into something no better than a cheap tabloid, exploiting someones trouble for personal gain, with no solid evidence to back it up in the case of the cocaine post. my cousin may have made many mistakes but he has paid for them with his life. isnt that enough? is it really necessary to put on a public display in the way elliott back has? i am sure that any morally sound person would think not.

  7. eeps says:

    I don’t think we should criticize what Back’s doing here with such haste. In my opinion, Back hasn’t painted Pearlstone as anything Pearlstone hasn’t already done upon himself. Pearlstone’s first interest listed on his facebook profile is “drinking.” Now, if your #1 interest is drinking, does that make you a drunkard? I’m not sure, but that’s an opinion Back has very plainly left for you to make (or not make). With this post in particular, Back’s only comment is “As you can see, much of his wall is concerned with alcohol, parties, and drinking–an online testament to his offline behavior,” which, in my opinion, is a perfectly reasonable assessment.

    Back may have never met Pearlstone, but I don’t think that level of intimacy is even necessary to see that Matt likes partying and drinking. Unless Matt made this facebook profile as a spoof or, for whatever reason, lied about his behavior/interests/activities on his facebook, then I would agree with you, “alex,” that it is inappropriate of Back to have posted this profile and use it as insight into Matt’s lifestyle. Nothing, however, indicates that.

    Cheap tabloids make false claims based on shoddy, unfounded rumors. Back is simply making observations on a primary source (Pearlstone himself).

    It’s just too transparent that Pearlstone was an intensely active drinker and partyer. Nearly every utterance on Pearlstone’s profile is one about alcohol, drinking or partying. This doesn’t imply he was a degenerate student or a “fool.” It just goes to show how pervasive drinking was in Pearlstone’s life.

  8. i can see where you’re coming from. but i think your view on the matter would be different if it was your cousin who died and if it was your family who was devastated…

  9. Kat pearlstone says:

    they way your using is facebook is so wrong. and the way your treatin matt is even worse. go to hell

  10. Kat pearlstone says:

    and although my cousin may be willin to see it from your point of view i am 14 year old girl should have to lose her brother and then have people make him out as somethin that he wasnt. matts drinkin was different from everyone else but so was matt and you would have to know him to understand him. this kid who made this website knows nothing of matt. How can someone who knows nothin of matt wrtie a blog on him? and half of the stuff isnt true and i think since i did live wiht him for 18 years of his life I would know what was true and what wasnt over this ignorant kid..and elliot i dont know who you are but look at it from my view..if ur brother died would u want some kid that didnt even know him sayin harsh,cruel,and wrong things about him?? use this to tell the truth about matt not to get back at him for w.e grudge you had at him when u were livin since its obvious u just dont like matt and ur venting

  11. John says:

    obviously pearlballs wasnt that bright or much of a genius since he was abusing alcohol and cocaine. fact of the matter is, dumb people do dumb things…so that ends that statement….pearlballs had a drinking problem, a big one…if you cared so much about him, you wouldve acted on your gut feelings rather than sit by and do nothing. you should feel guilty for letting him bury himself. obviously he was crying for help through his behavior. now we are short of a computer science wiz that couldve revolutionized the technology industry. bottom line, good things happen to bad people. ha ha ha haaaa

  12. Kat pearlstone says:

    he DIDNT have a cocaine problem u dip **** and maybe if you new anythin about matt youd know you can make him do ANYTHING he doesnt want to do and u act like my parents didnt try with him they did EVERYTHING to get him to stop drinking so **** off

  13. Justin Grimes says:

    He didn’t use cocaine.
    You’re an idiot.

  14. John says:

    You can’t prove that he didn’t either. So two wrongs don’t make a right bright eyes.

  15. John says:

    The whole point is that dumb people do dumb things. Obviously, this kid was a dumbass for thinking that he “knew it all” – the ends and outs of alcohol and its effects. If he truly did, then he wouldn’t have “kicked the can.”

    Grimes, you’re probably going to end up just like him – a burned out, cliche, over dose of alcohol

  16. Kat pearlstone says:

    I Can prove he didnt dumbass since i know how he died u retared and who the **** do u think u r sayin he is burned out he was sooo far from it and u need to **** off u ugly *** ****

  17. Kat pearlstone says:

    and dont u dare even tell me that i dont know im am his god damn sister i think i no more about matt then u ever will and i no excalty he died and the cocaine **** is exactly that BULLLLLLL ****

  18. AMB says:

    Wow, John. You’re more insensitive than Elliott Back.

  19. [...] There is one inaccuracy in this article, however. Kate Carroll writes, “The profile has been removed from the Facebook, but screenshots of it are available on several blogs.” Not true. It’s only available right here. 14 / April / 2006  News, Crime, Alcohol  [...]

  20. Lindsay Michelle Feldman says:

    I understand that you have taken an interest in Matt and his unfortunate death, but he was a great guy, and this website makes a mockery of him and his entire family. I’m sure that you are really enjoying all the feed back that you are getting, and enjoy it you should, but I hope eventually you realize the right thing to do. Maybe your intentions were otherwise, but this website just comes off as mean and spiteful almost. Think about if this were about one of your best friends or family members, it just doesn’t feel very fair, especially at a time when people are trying to mourn appropriately. Please try to see where we are all coming from, that’s all I’m asking of you.

  21. Hi.
    I just want to say that the way you are exploiting the death of Matt Pearlstone is just cruel. Sure, I understand that you are rationalizing it by saying that it’s for awareness purposes, however one cannot overlook the negative connotations. Matt did not do cocaine. Take it from his own sister and cousin. They are telling the truth. I side with Lindsay. I also went to school with Matt, even though I’m a year younger than he was, and I knew him as one of the smartest kids I’ve ever known. His drinking problem was minimalized in his mind, he said he knew the risks, he knew how to make it fun and not dangerous. Surely he made a mistake, as we all do, and I’m sure you yourself have made mistakes (like this blog). This one, however, unfortunately ended his life. Quite honestly, out of pure soul, you should consider removing this from the archive.

    Do you ever consider how the family feels when they read these things? Surely, they’ve come to terms that he had a problem, but they don’t need you rubbing their faces in it like a dog in ****. You do it so negatively. There are better ways. This is not a research project subject, this is the tragic death of a prodigious and genuine guy. Please, for the sake of the family, don’t exploit Matt’s faults. If anything, highlight his qualities and raise awareness that these things can happen to anyone.

    Just…consider it. If you aren’t too egocentric to do so.


  22. Howie says:

    Hmm… Most of these posts here are valid points, but I do not agree with most of you who feel that Elliott has done something inherently wrong here. I didn’t read this and feel that a bad picture was painted of Matt Pearlstone. I read his profile and was glad that this was brought to my attention. It is a very sad story, and is upsetting that none of his friends were able to intervene in time. The picture of Matt’s profile showed how loved he was in his friends comments, but also shows us the sort of warning flags that Matt clearly began to exhibit. I know that I for one will now be more attentive in looking out for my more heavily-drinking friends.

    Thank you Elliott, and rest in peace Matt.

  23. Anon Ymous says:

    what the hell are you trying to prove with this website? as it is not affecting anyone’s views on matt, the website’s only purpose must be showing off what an insensitive dumbass you are.

  24. jon says:

    you didn’t know him give him respect he IS bettter then you

  25. I am an Emerson student. I do not know Matt. I came across this page because the idea is fascinating to me as I am sure it is to the creator of this page. You are getting the truth out there, but you are clearly going about it in the wrong way. Family members have asked you to stop. A man is dead. Think about yourself dying, it isn’t a pleasant thought or feeling. I usually don’t have a problem with people exploiting others, and I agree that either everything is ok to talk about, or nothing us, but are you thinking? Let me phrase it better, do you remember that picture from 9/11 of “the falling man”? The man jumped, and the newspapers chose to print it because he was an anonymous example of the horror of that day. You are going about it all the wrong way, and if you really feel adament about your beliefs you should be willing to risk your own life. So, I suggest that you post your real name and address. To be honest I would. I can almost gaurantee nothing will happen to you, but I’m sure it will open your eyes to recieve real mail everyday from people who think that you are doing something wrong. I salute you for your bravery to practice free press, but without really backing your beliefs, you will always look like a chump.

    James Cummings, Boston, MA.

  26. Martin says:

    Yes, I think the memory of this man should be laid to rest. It saddens me that after his death you make him live on under the pretense that his existence was solely codified by what he said in his facebook profile.

    There are lots of people I know at University who state drinking as their first hobby. It’s a passage of rights, in the same way as driving or seeing an 18 certificate film and he was clearly proud of it, as many in such academic cultures. He may also have had a genuine alcohol problem, but that is nothing to do with his facebook – I would not consider my facebook drinking friends to have drinking ‘problems’ even though they do binge and may possibly share the same tragic fate as this gentleman – they drink for compliance and social acceptance, not for escapism and the other hallmarks of true addiction.

    I strongly think you should let it go and remove this page. Don’t be thinking that these responses alone are some form of creative expression that justifies keeping it running; this isn’t smart enough to be considered a useful insight into internet culture or modern human psychology – it’s just crass.

  27. Harffyn Teuport says:

    I was researching this video for my class, morals in mass media, and came found out that Matt was a real person.

  28. lala says:

    Wow you are guys ********. I hope both of you (john as well) hit the can soon so i can post all the stupid ****** things you did while you are alive (because EVERYBODY DOES SOMETHING STUPID IN THEIR LIFE YOU DUMBASSES) i know you guys have no sympathy so i dont know why anybody else should have any for you.

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