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Cornell’s Easiest Classes

Posted in Humor, Life at Cornell by Cornell Blog Admin on March 18th, 2006.

Keina Z. Jackson ‘07, a Sociology & Government major at Cornell University, authored a MS Word document called Easiest Classes at Cornell which recently appeared on underground file sharing networks. The contents of the document are as follows:

Geol 111 – To Know Earth (EAS now)- basically rocks for jocks

EAS 111 – To Know Earth…imagine majority of the stuff you learned in a typical middle school science class (geology, oceanography, etc.). Don’t go to class, just read the book & go to review sessions before the exam. It’s straight short-term memory people.

ILRHR266 – Personal Computing Basics… i mean..we all know Word, Excel and Powerpoint already…. right guys? Class meets once a week for 2 hours (2credit class) and should be an easy A… just show up…

Thetr 352 – themed entertainment (rollercoasters)

Music 245 – Gamelan you bang on drums

Soc 101 – with Szelenyi (3 prelims; she gives 3 possible questions and answers before the test) Any class with her is easy

Soc 316 – Gender Inequality with Szelenyi

Physics203 – Heavens and Earths, no tests, take home quizzes with ‘game show’ buzzer, don’t have to go, one section a week, easy, easy, easy, good for science req

ART 214 Art and the Multicultural Experience- taught by Ray Dalton, show up, have the slightest inclination of an imagination, excel

HE 100- Critical Learning and Thinking Easiest class by far. No homework. Two easy tests. The easiest class I have taken since second grade. Not kidding.

R. Soc.101- easy A, lecture not required,1 section per week, 2 exams

Entomology 260 (Beekeeping)- not required to go to lecture, questions derived from lecture posted on internet-prof. takes the exact questions off of the posted questions and puts them on the exam, easy easy A-just have to memorize the night before the exam

R Soc 100, i think, Indians – easiest class at cornell. you only have to go to drop or pick things up at the beginning of class

H Amn 339 Wines – you have to go every week, and you take a quiz that is on the notes which you can get off the internet. the final is mostly the quiz questions

I’ve heard that Anthro 101 and Human Bonding are easy, but not verified.

History 371 – World War II in Europe This is probably the easiest class at Cornell. I never went to class once, read one book, and wrote one nine page final paper on it and got a B+. Any class taught by Weiss (who teaches it) is probably easy.

English 268 – Culture of the 1960’s. Good class, very interesting, prof is weird but subject matter is still interesting. I’m pretty sure it’s just a take home midterm and take home final paper.

Com 204 – Effective Listening. Ridiculously easy, but I guess it depends who the prof is. Not sure if it’s offered next semester.

Government – US Congress. Any course taught by Shefter is an automatic A.

Governement – Urban Politics also taught by Shefter

Nat. res. 201 (environmental conservation) -three papers. no exams. lec. mwf + section once a week–

Arch 132 (intro to architechture) – attendance required, but it’s a good time to nap. the only work is looking over takenote the night before an exam.

Art history 200 (art, archeology, and analysis) -so fuckin easy. i was drunk just about every day and got an A.

LA 155 or any course taught by Prof. Venerbles

This is, of course, not scientifically sound. The easiest courses should be the ones with the highest average grade return. For that, we can turn to the Cornell University Median Grade Reporting. This has data on the median grades in every class back to Spring 1997. With 8 years of data, we should be able to draw reasonable conclusions as to which courses are the easiest at Cornell.

Unfortunately, the register refuses to release data not in pdf format:

The link for these documents are available on our department web page. They are in a .pdf format. That is all that I have available to provide. You should however be able to save this document and import it into Excel.

I am going to OCR all the median grade reports, and, upon competion, upload the results here. Stay tuned!

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5 Responses to “Cornell’s Easiest Classes”

  1. John S says:

    Human Bonding is NOT easy!

    On the first prelim, 50% of the class got a B or A, which means that 50% of the class got a C or less!

    You have to do all of the readings, go to class, and study hard to get a good grade. It’s a very interesting class but not an easy one.

  2. It seems you haven’t played that much with the median grade reports yet. I converted those median grade reports from pdf to xls to csv last year, but I haven’t actually done all that much with them. Would you like to see them?

    • Ray says:

      Do you happen to have the median grades for the past few fall semesters? I’m curious about the median grade in PSYCH 2230

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