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Collegetown Creeper Files: Lisa Lake & Abraham Shorey

Posted in Collegetown Creeper, Crime, Sexual by Cornell Blog Admin on November 4th, 2004.

Abraham J. Shorey told the Cornell Daily Sun today that, “he was not the Creeper, and that the Ithaca Police Department was simply trying to pin the blame on someone.” He feels that he is a scapegoat for the Collegetown Creeper case, and that the Ithaca Police Department wanted closure over justice. “I’ve been at the wrong place at the wrong time,” he said.

His wife, Lisa Lake has engaged in an interesting campaign on his behalf. Speaking to the Cornell Daily Sun, she says, “He’s being accused of all these things he hasn’t done. The Creeper needs to be known and it’s not Abe.” And this isn’t the only war she’s raging. Look at Lisa’s comment on the Sun’s article:



I get a sense of desperation from Lisa Lake’ post, written in all caps, full of spelling mistakes and grammatical issues. This is interesting in light of a MSN Groups post made by Lisa Lake on 3/11/2004:

Hey this is mama ISA, has anyone seen Abe? He was last seen heading to Sedona, he has blond dreadies and a northface black isis pack, Me and his 5 kids have not heard from him in a month, I am expecting my 6th child, so you figure the stress is a little bit too much for me. Does anyone know where he is?

Of course, that post is a dead-end, as looking up Lisa’s MSN Profile gives me:

Can’t Find Member Profile
The nickname you have selected belongs to a user who is no longer a member of this group.

The last bit of information about Lisa Lake is a forum post on Jan. 30 2004 under the alias “mamaisis:”

Greetings from cold ny, mama isa checking in with yall. Kids are all doing great. I just got finished with the cosmic interdemsional gridwork of old growth trees, from the great sequias in the west, to my final destination of trees in central park, ny city!! Connecting and asking for forgiveness to the human race. It is time to unify the power of true eternal love and forgiveness, and yes we have the trees as a means of signaling and channeling our prayers and wishes!! I think it is time we gather with the ancient trees together and pray for the grand unification, purification, and forgiveness of all things. The national rainbow gathering is going to be in Northern Ca. I am willing to organize a way for all of us to gather with the ancient big trees and perform the most amazing ceremony ever!! FOR THE HEALING OF OUR EARTH< lets do it kin!! These trees know me well, and are ready for this, and I feel we are ready too!! contact me for more info, or post me something, LOVE YA ETERNALLY ISA

She also posted this “anonymous” comment on my previous post:

Hey he is innocent, I can’t even begin to tell you how he does not even match the desciption of the creeper if you look and do research you would realize this is not the creeper. And he has 6 beautiful children that he loves, there is no way that he would jepordize these little ones. Look at his eyes and see that he is kind. If anyone reads this and knows ABe stand up for him, we need to catch the real creeper!!

Looking at Police Records more closely, we find that Lisa Lake and Abraham J. Shorey have had previous altercations with the Law. They go way back:

12:58 p.m. As Officer Goodale attempted to arrest Abraham Shorey of Arcata on an outstanding traffic warrant near the Intermodal Transient Facility, a woman identified as Lisa Lake of Arcata reportedly objected to her friend’s arrest and tried to persuade Goodale to release him. According to police, Lake refused to leave the area of the police car in which Shorey had been placed. Then, police say, a bystander identified as Kelly Kanzulak of Eureka ran up to where Goodale was struggling with Lake, and pushed him. Kanzulak and Lake were then handcuffed and arrested. Everyone except Goodale went to jail.

So, Abraham Shorey will abandon his pregnant wife with 5 children, so that she has to post messages on internet forums in an attempt to find him. Abraham Shorey has a history of illegal activities, traffic warrants–on up. And yet his wife defends him from Arcata Police, from readers of the Daily Sun print and online, and my blog. Why would the Collegetown Creeper’s wife have such strong feelings for this man?

Update: For more information, see Collegetown Creeper Caught, which details Abraham Shorey’s arrest for the Collegetown Creeper crimes.

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43 Responses to “Collegetown Creeper Files: Lisa Lake & Abraham Shorey”

  1. tijo says:

    I’m guessing her financial needs with raising six kids motivates her to protect him from incarceration.

    Perhaps she thinks ‘creeping’ isn’t such a heinous crime.

    She could be battered or even brainwashed by an extreme ‘religious’ organization that has roots here in Ithaca. Some of that ‘tree talk’ points to that in my opinion.

  2. Admin says:

    Whatever is going on, it seems sad. I wonder when we’ll know the whole story–I guess after trial, if the case isn’t sealed.

  3. Pedro Arroyo says:

    Creeper’s crept on! Abe Shorey did not show up for court today. Lisa Lake denys knowledge of his wherabouts (yeah, right mamabigtree!). I guess grandma’s out 5G. If I were the creeper I would have stayed on lock down and had one of my rainbow pals creep while I was up in county, thus exonerating me in the eyes of C-town.

    Hey dude, turn yourself in. Life on the lam ain’t easy!

  4. isa says:

    you like talking about me!! awesome, yeh i don’t know where abe is, but i know he is not in new york and there were 2 creepings on friday, he is deffinatley not the creeper! And you know what I love him dearly and forgive him, do you really know what life is for!! LIVE 2 GIVE AND LIVE 2 FORGIVE, CAN WE ALL FORGIVE ABE FOR LEAVING WHEN HE THOUGHT HE WOULD GO TO PRISON FOR SOMETHING HE DIDN’T DO! and then you don’t even know how his life was, people you really must stop judging, you don’t know me and you don’t know my life, i can tell you one thing that will change your life if you are willing to listen, live 2 give true eternal love that is your purpose much love to all of you, ISA

  5. Johnny says:

    A little more research shows the creeper is pretty creepy indeed. Lisa, Isa, momabigtree, or whoever you are, if you change my life like you changed the creeper’s life, go hug some trees and stay away from me.

    On May 12, 2003 members of the Broome County Sheriffs Office were on routine patrol in the Village of Whitney Point. As they pulled into the parking lot of the Mobil gas station they noticed a vehicle parked in the parking lot which appeared disabled the vehicle had items thrown about the ground around it, around the vehicle were a Abraham J. Shorey 1-30-81 of Ithaca, New York and a Richard A. Rudolph Jr 3-4-79 also of Ithaca, New York As the patrol asked the subjects for their Identification, patrol noticed a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Both of the subjects were placed into custody, and a subsequent search of the vehicle yielded another 15.2 grams of mushrooms that belonged to Richard Rudolph Jr Both subjects were arrested for Criminal possession of a controlled substance in the fourth degree a Class C Felony and were remanded to the Broome County Correctional Facility.

  6. this is a bit late as Ab has probably left for California so he can be close to his kids but if by any chance he is still around the Ithaca police might want to check out a few places where he could be in hiding. Newharts Lodge is where Ab worked at the Musefest; Ed Lisbee’s cabin in Newfield; the 12 Tribes commune where some of his buddies diappeared to; LevelGreen on rt79. I was told that ‘they’ were trying to get him into the ‘commune’, whatever that means. I hope i dont ilicit hate mail from Ab’s friends; i just have a personal vendetta to work out after being lynched and run out of town by a group of well intentioned locals. Yes there are some very dangerous religious fanatics in the ithaca area and they were quite successful in making Ab into a martyr and everyone else a suspect who looked a little bit like him. Maybe people like Jabberwok owners should be more careful about whom they employ. Oops, now ive had it.

  7. Fred Smith says:

    Abe Shorey was never a good father to his kids (only 3 of whom were his, if that– Mama Big Tree was never picky about who she shared a bedroll with– she was also sleeping with Richard Rudolph the Mushroom Smuggler). Many is the time that Isa was looking for her erstwhile baby daddy as he was out all night. Hmmm, where was he, d’ya think? Why, two nights after his latest spawn was born, did he disappear, leaving Isa to prowl the streets until she found him and had a screaming fight with him in the middle of Seneca Street?

    Isa and Abe have never been good at taking responsibility for themselves. They have children they can’t care for (their house has always been a disgusting mess), refuse to work, steal from the Salvation Army, buy gourmet food at Greenstar with their food stamps, and in general leech off the tax dollars of people who work. They are hippy welfare royalty. Pity their children, who are innocent victims of reprehensible parents who don’t give a damn about them. Isa allowed any random creep who needed a place to crash to babysit them, so god knows what abuse they’ve suffered.

    Abe Shorey is guilty. I hope he is caught before he can break into some other innocent woman’s room. I also hope he doesn’t move on to rape, which is where he was heading. Shame on both of them.

  8. John Doe says:

    The Ithaca Police have exact information on Lisa’s (Isa’s) whereabouts. She is in California staying with her real father, who is a druggie himself, and never contributed one penny to her upbringing. Lisa was raised by her real mother and a loving step-father. Her step-father has now dis-owned Lisa because of her evil deeds. However, her mother still falls for Lisa’s BS and can’t bring herself to grips with reality.

    It’s quite obvious the IPD has no real desire to find Abe.

    Also, the father of Lisa’s first two children (if that- Mama Big Tree was never picky about who she shared a bedroll with) is now living with Lisa at her father’s house.

    Lisa takes advantage of everyone that she comes across. She cares about one person; Lisa. She lies better than Scott Peterson. The police don’t want to hassle with Lisa because she has six kids. That’s work, and the police would rather sit around the doughnut shop and brag about a traffic ticket they just gave out. It’s much easier that way.

    Someday Lisa will pay for her deeds, but only God knows when.

  9. Mom says:

    who is saying those thing about Lisa is totally uncalled far and total bullshit
    especailly when it is about me.You need to get a life

  10. Fred Smith says:

    Isa’s mom… wow, you must be proud. Your daughter is uneducated, has 6 kids by at least 3 different men, refuses to work and thinks it’s A-OK to suck up government benefits while denouncing the government and contributing nothing to society. Abe Shorey was a bad partner to her and an abusive or neglectful father by turns, but she never kicked him out or left him. It took him jumping bail to get him away from her (though God only knows if they’re really apart or if he’s just creeping around to see her).

    These people give hippies a bad name. They make regular, hardworking people consider voting Republican. I hope Lisa/Isa gets her tubes tied so she stops having babies she doesn’t care about. And, no Mom, she DOESN’T care about them. When will Shine get the help he needs, hmmm?

    I’m with John Doe– Isa has it coming and I hope she gets it, but I pity the children. They don’t deserve her as their mother.

  11. Isa's True Friend says:

    well, as a responsible mother of three fine, accomplished young adults and a hippie mama who met, befriended and at one point lived with Isa, here’s what i have to say from my close observations: Abe Shorey is indeed a very seriously dysfunctioal person, due in large part from his horrible upbringing, something like 30 foster homes, and a sexually preditory father who vanished in much the same way Abe has..( although.he was a surgeon and a very accomplished professional btw.) To those of you who knew them, you also know that Abe connived and took full advantage of Isa’s tolerance and compassion….that sad fact has happened to millions and millions of women, from hippies to highly educated professionals, and while it is easy to judge, and say cruel things in print, to further harm another person, as Fred has….. i can only say that she is a loving and patient mom, considering her stress levels. And yes, she always bought the best, freshest food for her kids, and cooks up delicious, nutritious meals for all of them everyday. If we all ate that well as children! And Mother’s staying at home with their children are a great asset to our society, as all of her children are valued by Isa, and deeply loved. There are plenty of working mom’s that can’t give the kind of care and love that Isa gioves her kids. And yes, the governtment does help, thank God they can do something right!

    I just took care of my mother with Alzhiemers, full time, for around $2000.00 a month income form the state of California, to keep her from placement in a nursing home. Does this make me a bad person? When you are old fred, i hope you can afford to pay for full time nursing care, or your family, (if you have one) loves you enough to take care of you, or you may be sponging off the govt too.

    As for Isa’s education, it may surprise you to learn she was a 4.0 student through high school, and is a very gifted writer….the day will come when her kids are all older in school, when she will be able to help other women, with her insights. God know’s there are so many of us that fall victim to men’s abuse of all kinds. Even *well-educated* women are battered, live with alcoholics that abuse the family etc. and hide the fact for years…. Isa has a very, very generous and giving heart, (her main flaw)….she gives away more than she keeps for herself, and is non- attached to material things…i admire her for her enthsiam and sense of faith in God and the universe. She has a wonderfully healthy outlook on life, and is on her way to much happiness and produtivity. Yes, she spent some very difficult years with Abe, and learned what she had to learn…Who among us hasn’t had difficult times with people? as most people know today, we are not living in a 50’s sitcom anymore…. Isa has been unfairly demonized in this forum, by association to Abes problems. I know her and she is as good a mother. Yes, at times,she was overwhelmed and yes, she tried many times to get free of Abe, but he literally would not leave… for good, and stay away. He made many attempts to come to grips with reality, but as any of you know, who have experienced friends or family with alcoholism or other addictions, they can destroy the entire family and can defeat the toughest of us….. and it is .ignorant to condem people by their social class, as dysfunctions of all kinds cover all economic classes….hippies to ultra working professionals all have dark sides….

    Yes, Abe was, at times, a neglectful, abusive and horrible father….sometimes he was loving and kind…. but Isa was caught in the cycle of trying to help and reform him…they met at a very young age and had a very deep and spiritual bond….but she is now on her own and thriving….and is very very glad to be free from him, and wants him to face his charges and serve whatever time he may have and get counseling…he is still young and his life can turn around…. for his childrens sake, Abe is like so many abusers, charming, warm and loving…full of hope and promise….just like alcohlics…..etc. His crimes were very sinister and sick, just as is battering or the other hidden social diseases many of us have to grapple with today. We are a community of people and we have to find ways to heal….it is difficult and frightening to be in a family that sick, but look around….dysfunction is everywhere. Some of the finest of us have brushed the cold shoulder of darkness, and that does not make us evil!!!! Isa is not responsible for Abe Shorey’s actions!!! She tried her best and failed. She tried to save a man. One much much too damaged for her, and all of the people of Ithaca who tried in vain to get him to sraighten up! Myself included!

    I also happen to know that the Ithaca police were given his EXACT whereabouts recently, by those who traced him thru a network of friends, and did nothing to arrest him…in fact, the assistant DA has been fully briefed as to his whereabouts and has done nothing to follow the case up, and bring Abe in to face his victims. Pretty pathetic. I am sure people he terrorized would love to know that they are letting him skate… of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but in Abe’s case, it all adds up, and as someone who observed his behaviour, i feel he fits this profile to a t.

    So the abuse goes on….the people he harmed deserve much better from the police and the DA of Ithaca!!! Isa and all of her friends want him brought to justice!!! Abe needs to be stopped, before he harms more innocent people. Perhaps the citizens of Ithaca will put some pressure on the DA to have him arrested, with state, city and street address they have on him!!!! (He was very easy to find!!!

    And yet, nothing has been done to bring him in, and they know where he is! Go figure!!!!

    I have profound compassion for all for them… Abe, for living in a self-induced hell, the people he harmed with his nuerotic compulsions, and for Isa and her family, Isa is a loving, caring person and i am going to be her friend forever.

    And to demonize her for having a messy house (at times) with 6 little kids is just pure ignorance. I cleaned that house all the time and it was trashed everyday, and cleaned everyday! The meals and love the kids got was far more important than a (constantly) tidy house! Only a man without little kids could make such a stupid condeming statement! ps.To the poster above: anyone who would refer to an innocent child as *spawn* is sicK! This is a beautiful, loved little girl, a child! Shame on you!

  12. Admin says:

    @Isa’s True Friend, the word spawn means “Offspring occurring in numbers; brood” and is appropriate in this instance. Probably it’s being used to make a mild point on the number of children.

  13. Isa's True Friend says:

    Just a quick note on the above poster; John Doe and Fred Smith, I believe that this poster is actually Isa’s step dad, who i was told over a year ago, was a controlling, manipulitive ***, selfish to the core, and forbade Isa’s mother to even see her own Grandchildren! The fact that he mentions her loving step father is ludicrous! He seems to be on a personal vendetta to try to hurt and shame her…and if cares about Shine as he states, where is his help? Hmmm? Isa’s step father is an abuser! Shame on you!!! Hypocrite!!!

  14. Isa's True Friend says:

    Just a quick note on the above poster; John Doe and Fred Smith, I believe that this poster is actually Isa’s step dad, who i was told over a year ago, was a controlling, manipulitive ***, selfish to the core, and forbade Isa’s mother to even see her own Grandchildren! The fact that he mentions her loving step father is ludicrous! He seems to be on a personal vendetta to try to hurt and shame her…and if cares about Shine as he states, where is his help? Hmmm? Isa’s step father is an abuser! Shame on you!!! Hypocrite!!!

  15. Fred Smith says:

    Isa’s True Friend, some items for your consideration:

    1. I am not Isa’s step-father. I would never marry into that insane family. I am also not John Doe. That is a different person.

    2. Why can’t Isa use birth control? No one forced her to have 6 kids. No one forces her to screw anyone who comes down the pike. Isa calls herself Mama Big Tree, but she doesn’t care about the serious overpopulation problem on this planet, that she’s sucking up resources without contributing anything in return. Isa is a baby machine AND a public health risk, considering all the promiscuous unprotected *** she has with random people. You act like having babies was out of her control, but that is just NOT so.

    In 2005, every woman can be responsible for her own reproductive life. I do not pity her, her poverty, or her stress level due to having 6 kids. That was her choice and she has to live with it and make it work. It should not be society’s job to feed, clothe, house, and sponsor the lives of children born out of negligence and carelessness. These children were accidents, and no child should BE an accident.

    3. Isa had MANY opportunities to get away from Abe. He would disappear for days at a time, and she would search him out, chase after him, beg him to come back. He left the state, but she had him return. She defended him against the charges of being the Creeper, when any sane woman who wanted to get away from him would have seized the opportunity to escape, but instead she publicly stood up for him. Those are not the actions of a woman trying to escape.

    4. As for Isa being a giver– yeah, to some people. Dirtbags, hippies who wouldn’t take care of themselves, mentally ill freaks (all of whom she allowed to watch her kids without supervision), to those folks she gave food, shelter, etc., that should rightfully have gone to her children. However, those spent their own time and money helping her and her kids, there was very little gratitude or even interest in those people. She left she had it coming to her and took advantage of anyone who had the means to serve her. No, Isa was a taker. She believed the world owed her a living. That’s the truth of it.

    5. Abe and Isa met when ABE was very young. Isa is quite a bit older than he is. He was a teenager and she was in her mid 20s. She was certainly old enough to know better.

    6. If Isa didn’t want the public to “demonize” her, maybe she shouldn’t have made her idiotic and inexplicable support of Abe public in the newspaper, etc. If she had reacted like a sane person, she would have thought of her children and stayed out of the public eye and the press. She would have closed ranks with her family and thought more of the impact all the publicity would have on her kids rather that defending the Creeper. Any woman who cares about her kids one iota would not long and beg for such a man to return to the house where her kids live. She is a sick woman and she needs help.

    7. I have 4 siblings and my house never was as dirty, messy, and unsanitary as Isa’s. Why? Well, my mom didn’t have random parasites living in the house, eating the food, smoking the pot (yeah, I said it) and contributing nothing to the household. My mom never left us with these random parasites to go to Reggae Night at Castaways or whatever else she did. For a woman with kids, she went out a hell of a lot more than people I know with ZERO kids, mostly because those people have to WORK and don’t have the energy to party as much as she does. My mom made it her business to keep the house in order, the kids fed, and would NEVER have left us alone with people she hardly knew. This is a fact, so please don’t try to deny it, OK?

    It’s very hard for people to have compassion for someone who is her own worst enemy. If Isa was a 4.0 student, why does she behave with such arrant stupidity, selfishness, and carelessness? Why did she, time and time again, put Abe’s interests before those of her children?

    I believe that you are a good friend to Isa. I believe she needs good friends, as does everyone. I have compassion for her, but she is the architect of her own misery. Sadly, that misery is inflicted on her children, who are very sweet, lovely people. I am in despair about their futures.


  16. John Doe says:

    Dear Isa’s True Friend:

    What you have said about Lisa’s stepfather is so far from the truth that it’s pathetic. You obviously don’t know Lisa as well as you think.

    You should read Fred Smith’s comments carefully. He seems to know much more about the “real world” than you will ever know.

    Fred also said, “I would never marry into that insane family. I am also not John Doe. That is a different person.” Fred is correct on both counts.

  17. [...] It’s hard to understand the Shorey family from these online snippets, which raise more questions than answers.  If you’re interested in the old family history, check out this post. [...]

  18. A part of history says:

    Just to clarify, Abe’s father was NOT a Surgeon or Accomplished professional anything other than a liar. He is nicknamed DOC…was in the army for a short time. Medic…dishonorable discharge. He has many children. He disappeared years ago due to allegations that he sexually abused perhaps as many as a dozen young children in a small trailer park in VT. This included his own children. Abe has been shuffled from foster care homes and detention centers. His mother was just as reprehensible as his father. Hopefully, someday his father will be caught as well.

  19. San Diego Resident says:

    It sounds like there’s a lot of misinformation floating around here…the stuff that mythology is made of. I guess everyone has heard by now that Abe was caught in San Diego and that his DNA matches an attempted rape in Ocean Beach. I’m curious (and I mean this sincerely) what Isa thinks about this…

  20. friend says:

    So people really want to know what Isa thinks, well I bet if she could just show you her tears running down her face, maybe we could get a little compassion for this women instead of judgement. WE all wish for the truth, well I am sure this mama wants to know the truth too. But for real Abe has not gone to trial, remember in the olden days, innocent till proven guitly, wow, we need to take a look at our judicial system, it is way out of wack!! People please do not judge.

  21. Locked windows in Ithaca says:

    It is comforting to know that a person who behaves in such a disruptive manner is safely in custody and being treated with the seriousness he deserves. A one million dollar bail is far more appropriate than the $5,000 bail that was set and posted in Ithaca, allowing his escape. The case will presumably be treated more professionally and expertly in a large city than it was in the Ithaca area. It sounds as if San Diego has a specialized police force with a greater understanding of the true nature of such behavior. Thank you indeed to San Diego for taking this confused character out of circulation and looking after him with due care.

    Interesting blog, Elliot, that brings some fascinating commenters out of the woodwork.

  22. SOBRINA WATERS says:

    Info on 10 News, San diego Newscaster: (ABC News)

    A current San Diego 10 news Caster: Lisa Lake-Campbell
    is being
    investigated for Drug related charges in Virginia, our
    community just recently found out that she is
    currrently involved in a major narcotic case with a
    fellow community citizen named Kevin Key. We heard she
    aided him in the transportation of the drugs!

    My brother went to school with Mr. Key. The buzz
    around here is that we know someone that knows her,
    and she reportedly told them, she is spending her live
    savings to fight her case, and her counterpart Kevin
    Key for these charges. I couldn’t believe it, so I
    investigated it myself, I found a newspaper clipping
    in VA,showing endighted Kevin Key for drugs!! So there
    has to be some truth to this story. You check it out!

    We were also told that Lisa Lake-Campbell stored
    cocaine at her San Diego home for Mr. Kevin Key who
    we heard is her boyfriend. We see her in the
    community & its a disgrace. We are very upset in
    the community to know that you never found this out,
    and her dedication to this community has been
    demolished and this a reflection on 10 news. We want
    this furthur investigated. How can my children look
    up to her in the community ? People like her should
    not be representing a model citizen, when in fact she

    And I feel she should give the community a public
    statement regarding this. We have 35 people in our
    community who are going to spread the word throughout
    San Diego and her community, so her neighbors know!!
    Please investigate this or we will, and do our best to
    get her to own up to this! We are going to contact VA
    authorities, and let them know what we heard, & make
    an official report of our findings. If they don’t the
    full jist of what we know, we will inform them, & want
    to be added to a complaint to her case!!!

    I hsve been watching 10 news for 5 years straight!!!,
    and just very upset to hear this about her, she is
    such a foney to us now.

    Could someone pleae respond & tell me what official
    authorities would better hear this complaint ?


  23. joey says:

    Lisa Lake, the channel 10 newscaster? Facing drug charges? Please provide a link(s) with the proof. As a San Diego resident, I think actual solid evidence that she is in fact a “criminal” is required. Also, this is a blog about Lisa Lake, wife of Abraham Shorey. What does that have to do with Lisa Lake the TV anchor? Sure they have similar names, but that doesn’t mean jack squat.

  24. craig miles says:

    I argee with Joey. Lisa Lake, newscaster, has as much to do with this discussion as Lisa Lisa, of Cult Jam fame.

  25. LISA LISA LISA says:

    I think maybe the Lisas’ need to unite and gain some clarity about what is really going on. There are alot of curious minds out there that would love to find out the real truth. We are all just on the verge of our seats wondering what will be the next move. Everything in it’s right place already!

  26. samual adams says:

    Latest on Lisa Lake (Abraham Shorey’s ex girl friend, NOT the newscaster). First, Lisa Lake and Abraham Shorey are not and never were married unless they did so without telling their family.

    Anyway, Abraham Shorey has plead guilty pled guilty to residential burglary with intent to commit rape and assault with intent to commit rape in a San Diego County Court on May 19, 2006. I believe he will be sentenced in November, and will probably received 6 years in prison for the California charges. It’s still unclear what New York intends to do about the charges against him as the “Collegetown Creeper.”

    On another note, Lisa Lake went to California shortly after Abraham Shorey skipped bail in New York. Apparently Lisa went to California with a man named Edward Tandler, who normally goes by the name “Eddie Tandler.” Eddie has not been heard from since he left with Lisa. He is listed as a missing person in New York. Eddie Tandler is about 44 or 45 years old. If anyone has any information about Eddie Tandler, PLEASE contact Tioga County Sheriff’s Investigator Dan Eiklor at (607)-687-1010.

    So the current situation looks like this as of October 27th, 2006. Abraham Shorey is in Jail, and will probably remain in jail for at least six more years (in California). Lisa Lake is no longer in California and rumor has it that she’s living somewhere in Hawaii. Eddie Tandler, who brought Lisa Lake to California, is missing and has not been seen since he left New York and took Lisa to California.

  27. Mike says:

    I was one of Abraham’s caregivers in one of his (apparently) numerous foster placements as a child. Abraham (or AJ as he was called then) spent the summer in my dorm at Kurn Hattin Homes in Westminster VT. He was a sneaky little kid who seemed strangely cold and unemotional, but I still liked him and would always try to joke around with him. Once school started he was placed in a different dorm but it was a small campus and I saw him and checked in on him all the time. I still have video of him as a cute little 5th grader singing in our holiday concert. I was shocked to wake up one morning and see his face on FOX News. I recognized him immediately. I just hope he gets his life back together. Very sad/

  28. samual adams says:

    I’m afraid I don’t know much about Abe. He’s quite a bit younger than Lisa but that’s about all I know about him (other than what I’ve read).

  29. joe schmoe says:

    Sam adams….
    Eddie Tandler actually was seen after leaving Isa at her dad’s house in California, he did a lot of traveling while out west, for about 6 months. He and Isa left with the kids in late December I believe and Eddie did not return to NY until June… he did return to the Ithaca area which is where he actually disappeared from on June 24, 2005.

  30. samual adams says:

    Joe Schmoe,

    I wasn’t sure if Eddie Tandler ever returned to NY after leaving Lisa or not. The news about Eddie Tandler is a little bit sketchy at best. I’m starting to get used to sketchy news from NY.

    On another note, Abraham Shorey was officially sentenced to six years in California prison and also must register as a *** offender for his crime(s) in California. Still no word on what NY intends to do with Shorey.

  31. ben bendix says:

    Another Kurn Hattin Home For Boys alum. They all received good training there for what he is accused of. Far worse happened in that place iteself in the past.

    There is certain to be more of this from Kurn Hattin attendees of a certain time period in the future whether or not he is guilty.

    It is likely that far more in the past has occured that we will never know about.

  32. Murray Tandler says:

    Eddie Tandler did return to the Ithaca area in May or June 2005. He disappeared without a trace on June 24th. His family and friends have received no word of his whereabouts since that day. Anyone who has had any contact whatsoever with Eddie since June 24, 2005 please contact Senior Investigator Dan Eiklor at the Tioga County Sheriff’s Department at (607) 687-1010. Thank you for any help you can provide.

  33. Veronica says:

    Hey! Thanks for posting updates about the collegetown creeper. I am the woman, well, one of the women in Ithaca who finally identified him. I don’t know if it was ever made public but a second woman also identified him, but she was afraid to be named in the papers let alone interviewed, photographed, and given hockey tickets. Her loss.

  34. susan says:

    New England Kurn Hattin Homes was a perfect breeding ground for this guy. It was a warehouse for boys who were subjected to constant abuse in every imaginable way. There was always a constant state of fear in that place. You had to protect yourself from everyone in a place where trust was imaginary and always violated. Kurn Hattin should be held accountable for their past legacy for children.

  35. mike says:

    The only abuse that took place at Kurn Hattin that I know of took place about 2 years before AJ ever got here. The investigation was just winding down when I was hired as a houseparent. And the abuser was not an employee of the school, he was the spouse of an employee. I know it is still abuse but it was not campus wide and AJ was not a student at the school at the time. When AJ arrived at KHH he was put into my cottage and I cared for him and several other new students over that summer. Once school began AJ was assigned to parent Cottage where Mr. Winter was the houseparent. He was a real nice guy and the kids all liked him. None of the houseparents that worked at the school while AJ was in attendance have ever been accused of abuse. The boys at the school were for the most part happy and well taken care of. They were involved in lots of activities (sports, band, chorus, field trips) and there did not seem to be an atmosphere of “fear” as mentioned above. There was a very stron family atmosphere in most of the cottages. It was a very strict school–you were expected to behave and there were rewards for those who did and consequences for those who did not. The consequences were things like early bed, no TV, loss of privaledges etc. There was never any physical punishment. For a lot of the kids, KHH was a better place for them than there homes.

  36. John John says:

    No Trial for “Collegetown Creeper”
    Reported by: Tim Millard
    Last Update: 5/09 8:46 pm

    Abraham Shorey (WETM-TV) ITHACA — The man who was dubbed the “Collegetown Creeper” will not return to Tompkins County to face trial.

    District Attorney Glen Wilkinson said she cannot prosecute the case due to a lack of evidence, including witnesses who are not willing to testify against Abraham Shorey.

    Shorey was accused of breaking into several apartments in Ithaca in 2002, and molesting women as they slept. He fled from New York after he was bailed out of jail, and was eventually caught in California.

    Shorey is serving a six-year prison sentence in California for breaking into a woman’s home, and attacking her with a knife.

  37. Eric W. says:

    The Abe Shorey story has nothing to do with Lisa Lake-Campbell of Channel 10 news/KGTV. (ABC)

    Get your facts and stories right.
    Please do not spread rumors.


  38. Samual Adams says:

    My understanding is that Eddy gave Isa a ride to California and stayed with her for a while. Not sure how long.

    Shorey jumped bail before Isa went to California. Not sure when Shorey showed up in California. I think he was seen in Oregon before he was seen in California.

    If Eddy and/or Shorey had a history of homosexual activity I am not aware of it. This does not mean they did or didn't – it only means I never heard about it if they did.

  39. Chris says:

    Kurn Hattin has a long history of abuse. Not only from the house parents and teachers but often from the other boys themselves. Both consenting and forced homosexuality were commonplace there. Sexual favors were frequently demanded or offered in place of physical abuse. Whether Mr. Shorey experienced any of that there, I can't say. I can only say what was. It was a surreal world there in the past. Kurn Hattin has indeed left a legacy for children.

  40. James says:

    I went to Kurn Hattin, and the most abuse I ever sustained was being grounded. I’m sure some abuse has taken place, though.

    When I went there, I was in Morrison Cottage, and there was always another kid who acted weird. I would often find him talking about his *****.

    I posted a comment on a youtube video, and this persons FOSTER PARENT, not house parent, messaged me.

    He asked what year I went there, etc. It turned out he was the kid’s foster parent, and we sent a couple of emails back and forth.

    I was curious as to what type of videos this man liked, and I came across his “Favorites List”.

    It consists of videos of small boys, shirtless, doing odd physical things.

    I’m not going to say my ex-classmates name here, but I’ve been contemplating bringing this to the authorities.

    Despite the fact that it could be a coincidence, I personally believe otherwise.


    - James

  41. James says:

    Here is the link to this guys favorite videos…

  42. SEA GATE says:

    Some say Eddy’s Russian wife had him killed

  43. GreenBrush says:

    This topic still open for discussion? Found a possible unidentifie in PA that may be the person on topic here. Check PA unidentified remains.

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