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Collegetown Creeper Caught–Again

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After being pulled over in Chula Vista, CA for a traffic violation, Abraham Shorey, who had no ID and gave a false name, was let free. Hours later, the Department of Justice came back with the correct identification and he was picked up later in San Diego. According to News 10 Now, the Creeper is coming back to Ithaca to face justice:

“Mr. Shorey would appear in a hearing there, and the judge would make a call as to whether or not there is sufficient reason to extradite him,” Wilkinson said.

But she says either way, he’ll be here. And how much will taxpayers have to cough up to bring Shorey back? The DA says she would like to do it more cheaply, but she may have to send two officers on a commercial flight.

Now, we just hope that when he gets back here he won’t be able to get bail and flee Ithaca again. The DA has indicated that she will request that bail be remanded.

On another note, I came across the following today from Abraham Shorey’s wife “Isa Sequoia Bigtree Lake” who also goes by the online alias mamabigtree:

Greetings, my name is Isa, I am a mama of 6 beautiful children, Sunny Lake 10, Shine 8, Wanda 5, Iris 4, Maya 3, and Freya is 6 months old. They are all very amazing children and very much enlightened. We are searching for are family. We would like to find a community that we can become members in and beome part of the team. We as a family can contribute much love and happiness to any community and to the world. We are willing to work and contribute are talents. Me as the mother have taught my children spiritual values that I would like to continue. My children are taught to respect each other and the mother earth, they are also taught to be honest and truthful, they are taught to teach others how they want to be treated. I wish for my kids to be home schooled and shown the ways of the land. I would like it if they didn’t watch t.v. or eat meat. I would very much like it if we could join a community where all are needs are met and we would be living in harmony with all of our neighbors and with the earth. Please contact me if you can feel for me and my children and our future. If you are community looking for members that will add love, respect, and equal contribution please call me at 732-986-4725. Live 2 give true etenal love, eternally ISA

It’s hard to understand the Shorey family from these online snippets, which raise more questions than answers.  If you’re interested in the old family history, check out this post.

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  1. mamabigtree says:

    This is the most difficult things I have ever had to face in my life. The father of 3 of my children faces alot of time. It breaks my heart to think they may not know there father. The pieces don’t fit together for me just because I only knew Abe as a beautiful person who was never violent. I don’t know what to believe, I am totally confussed and I pray for the best thing to happen for healing for eveyone on earth. I pray for justice and truth to be known. WE judge so much just by what other people tell us. Everyone hears the medias side of the story, what about the childrens story. His children miss him, his children love him. They could never see him as a mean person. It is good my children don’t see this **** on tv. How sad that would be for them. Does anyone have any compassion for his children? For crying out loud, he is human and has not even gone to trial. Why doesn’t somone come forth with something for his childrens welfare? leave me an e-mail if you have something inspirational or positive to add to light to all of this,

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